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Grade 2

An introduction to the fascinating world of terrestrial insects and how their adaptions have led to their mighty success on planet earth! 

Combining classroom activities with field-based explorations, students explore the fascinating world of insects! Covering concepts such as adaptations, life cycles and behaviour, we will discuss the many ways insects are beneficial to humans and earth, and also how some are pesky and detrimental! See how social colonies such as bees, ants and termites communicate and work together to be successful. The very popular “Bee Game” played during the field trip will have students communicating through dance!

Locations: On school premises or at the local park if desired.

Options include: Cheam Wetlands or Spirit Trails in Agassiz; Ruby Creek Adventure Park, Thacker Marsh, Rotary Trail or Dr. RD Morrison Park in Hope.

Grade: 2

Curriculum Overview: Insects Program: learning outcomes, pre-trip, field trip, post-trip.

grade 2 insects program

Teacher Feedback:

“It was terrific. Everything about it was A+. Educators did a wonderful job and the kids and I learned a lot. It was really well done.”

“We really enjoyed our class presentation and field trip. They were educational, interactive and enjoyable!”

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