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See the maps below for more information about the hiking, trail running, snowshoeing, and biking trails in our region. You can pick up one of our free, printed Trails of Hope maps at the Tourism Hope, Cascades and Canyons Visitor Centre at 919 Water Street in Hope, and many other locations around town, or click the image below to view it online


HMCOL Trail Work

Trails bring people to wilderness, helping us to achieve one of our core objectives — connecting people with nature. We are passionate about building and improving our local trail network because trails provide so many benefits including improved physical and mental health, spiritual renewal, cultural and historical awareness, community pride, and economic diversification.


Hope Mountain Centre works in collaboration with many partners including all levels of government, First Nations, NGOs, private donors, and many passionate volunteers to build and maintain trails throughout the Hope, Cascades and Canyons region. 

While our plans change year to year, the core group of trails that we work on each year includes the HBC 1846 Brigade Trail, Serpent's Back, Hope Lookout, Flood Falls, Hope Mountain, Wells Peak, Thacker Mountain, Tikwalus, Hope Bike Park, and Landstrom Ridge trails

See more information about all the trails in our region by clicking on the links in the map above. 


Want to Volunteer?


If you would like to volunteer to help with trail building and maintenance, contact our Trails Director Kelly Pearce at or call (604) 869-0166. You can also subscribe to our email list and follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram where we announce upcoming volunteer days. 


Want to Get Paid to Work on Trails?

Every spring, we hire trail crew members and trail crew leaders to work throughout the summer. Often these positions are funded by the Canada Summer Jobs program, requiring crew member positions to be filled by persons aged 15 to 30 years. Contact our Trails Director Kelly Pearce at or call (604) 869-0166 to express interest. You can also subscribe to our email list, follow our social media accounts on Facebook and Instagram , or check out our Jobs Page where we announce upcoming job opportunities. 

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