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Friends of the Skagit

Friends of the Skagit welcomes you!

We care about the many waterways and lands of the Skagit and invite visitors to enjoy this beautiful area.  People of all ages enjoy this pristine wilderness while camping, hiking, fishing and in many other ways.

Enjoy your stay in the Skagit

Help us keep this place beautiful.  Garbage left behind attracts bears and other wildlife, making it unsafe for people and the wildlife.  You might have noticed some garbage barrels along the road.  They are NOT bear-proof and are managed and emptied by ONE volunteer at his own expense and time.  Please take your garbage out of the valley, leaving only your footprints.

We are looking for volunteers who have a passion for the outdoors and want to help protect our neighbouring watersheds and wildlife.

Thanks to the following…

  • Don Bush, who provided the original inspiration for the Friends of the Skagit idea and for whom the Don Bush Environmental Stewardship Award was named.

  • The Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission provided funding to AdvantageHOPE for the information kiosk and picnic area at the entrance to the Skagit.

  • Dave Flexhaug who currently collects garbage along the Silver Skagit Road and connects with campers.

  • First Class Waste Services for allowing free disposal of garbage collected in the Skagit.

  • Vancouver Foundation for providing funding for this webpage, additional signage, garbage bags, mileage and pamphlets.

  • BC Parks for their contribution to signage and ongoing communication with all involved.

  • All volunteers who are involved with canvassing vehicle occupants and going on hikes to carry out garbage from remote camping areas.

  • The folks responsible for other conservation efforts in the Skagit: water testing, wildlife cameras, fish counts, bird surveys, park interpretive programs, wolverine studies, grizzly bear reporting line and many others.

Contact Hope Mountain Black Bear Committee to report garbage dumping –

WILDLIFE CONFLICT ONLY – Conservation Officer: 1-877-952-RAPP (1-877-952-7277)

Program Details

Project Sponsors:  Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission, Vancouver Foundation, Hope Mountain Centre for Outdoor Learning, Hope Mountain Black Bear Committee, AdvantageHOPE and BC Parks.

Project Lead:  Hope Mountain Black Bear Committee

Location:  The Skagit accessed by Silver Skagit Road.

Timeframe:  May through September.

Time Commitment:  Volunteers are needed during heavy camping times during the summer months.

What We Do:  Volunteers talk with vehicle occupants about the importance of cleaning up their camp sites and taking garbage home with them.  Vehicles are provided with garbage bags and information pamphlets on wildlife and good camping practices.

Contact us if you would like to help out!

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