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Young Stewards of our Forests

Grade 3

This program teaches fundamentals of the ecology of forests.

Students learn key concepts such as “photosynthesis,” “ecosystem,” and “symbiosis” and they are shown some of the secret connections that enable plants, fungi and animals to thrive together as a community in our forests.

Contact us for more information about educational programs we can do for your group.  Email our Outdoor Educator, Rowan Lalonde at or call 416-809-7044.

Locations: Various forested trails within the towns of Hope, Agassiz and Harrison Hot Springs, and occasionally provincial and regional parks nearby.

Grade: 3

Curriculum Overview: Forest Ecology Program: learning outcomes, pre-trip, field trip, post-trip.


Teacher Feedback:

“I thought that it was excellent. They covered a great deal of outcomes that related to both my Grade 3 and Grade 4 life science curriculum. I was very impressed by that . . . The stations were great, any time that they are in small groups discussion, questioning, and touching the different things make everything more engaging and memorable . . . Excellent program, you have clearly all worked hard to develop it.”

“For me it complements my rainforest unit so the students make connections between the lessons I have given them . . . It is great for the kids to get information from different sources that connect with previously taught concepts as it solidifies the learning . . . The important part is this is an outstanding experience for the students which is lead by someone who is knowledgeable and has good group management skills which means learning is going on.”

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