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Skagit Valley Camp

Grade 6

This overnight adventure in the Skagit Valley gives many young people their very first camping experience.

In two days, four curriculum units are taught outdoors, covering river riparian ecology, hydroelectricity, wildlife, and Skagit human history. In addition, students learn some principles of backcountry safety and low-impact camping. School District 78 Fraser-Cascade plays a leadership role on this trip, with Hope Mountain Centre playing a supporting role involving curriculum delivery. A key funder of the Skagit Valley Camp is the Skagit Environmental Endowment Commission (SEEC). SEEC is a Canada-U.S. body supporting science, recreation, and education in the Upper Skagit Watershed upstream of Ross Dam.

Contact us for more information about the Skagit Valley Camp.  Email Rowan at or call 416-809-7044.

Location: Skagit Valley Provincial Park

Grade: 6

Curriculum Overview: Learning outcomes, pre-trip, field trip, post-trip: River Ecology Curriculum; Hydroelectricity Curriculum; Skagit Wildlife Curriculum; Skagit Human History Curriculum.

ross lake
Skagit River
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